To apply for a job, a CV often dictates your first impression of the company’s recruiters. Hence, the idea is to summarise your strengths and comprehensively present them. The format preference for a CV differs from country to country, but the gist or the purpose of your CV is the same – impress your recruiters within seconds.

First impression matters

To impress your recruiters, your CV must not be boring. Your CV should have a clean and clear design. You do not need to be a great designer to do this, you just need to edit from the existing layout – below is the CV I created by editing a free template. Also, I find the free templates at this site pretty decent. If you could afford some money for unique templates, I recommend*. Despite the many templates, I did recently reviewed numerous applications with the format shown below (note that the information is fictional):

By using the same content on a better template, the CV looks much better. A better template tells the recruiter that the applicant put the effort into his or her application, which is a positive sign.

Show your worth

Once you have caught the recruiter’s attention with a neat design, you should then tell them why you are worth bring called for an interview. For example:

To describe my working experience, I wrote:

Implemented a novel approach of removing the second sort in the Hip7fx of Alpeca.

However, the statement only tells the recruiter what I did, not to mention the technical jargon that only confuses the reader. A better approach is to tell the recruiter of your contribution – why is it such a big deal?

The same statement can be rewritten as:

Improved the duration of the baking process by 33% using the novel approach of removing the second sort in the Hip7fx of Alpeca.

Now the recruiter sees your contribution to your previous company or your projects.


You now have seen how to create an attractive and effective CV. By utilising internet resources, you can easily create your own CV.

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