You’re wondering how to create your website for blogging purpose—this tutorial will give a short overview of the most cost-effective way to get you started – 4 simple steps on how to start your own blog using four simple steps?

  1. Find your domain name
  2. Host your website
  3. Select the SSL option
  4. Select your theme

1. Find your domain name

A domain name is the name of your website. You probably have some ideas regarding potential names, however, we should check the availability of your desired names. You can use any standard domain name search engines to validate the names, i.e., Note that, during this step, you do not need to buy the domain name yet. The domain name search engine will tell you whether a domain name is free to be used or not.

2. Host your website

Once you have found an available domain name, we need to find hosting for your website. Hosting is a home where your website needs to be placed, and the domain name serves as the address to your home. For simplicity’s sake, you can get a WordPress hosting from Dreamhost*. When you click this Dreamhost* link, go to WordPressWordPress Basic.

Pick the WordPress Starter option

Firstly, choose the WordPress Starter option. For the best price, you can choose the “3 Year” plan. If you are unsure about your blogging adventure, or you are only planning to blog for a short time, you can select the “Monthly” plan. Although Dreamhost* allows you to upgrade any time after you have registered the account, the “Monthly” plan can only later be upgraded to the “1 Year” plan.

Pick your plan: either the Monthly, the Yearly, or the 3 Year plans
Insert your domain name from Step 1

From here onwards, you only have to proceed with payments and wait for further notifications that will be sent to your registered email. Also, you may need to wait for a while for Dreamhost* to set up your account.

The purchase configuration that I recommend. Optionally, you can choose the “WP Website Builder” which is also free, but I personally do not like it.

Note that you have to set your WordPress password. An email to reset your WordPress account will be sent to your mail.

3. Select the SSL option (https)

After your WordPress account is created, you can log in to your Dreamhost panel. Go to Domain → SSL/TLS Certificates → Select Let’s Encrypt. Then, your domain name is secure and can be called via


4. Select your theme

Now, you can call your WordPress website and a default website will show up. I never like the default theme of WordPress, and I will show how to add and change the theme to suit your flavor.

To find a nice looking free WordPress theme, I can only recommend Colorlib. They have well-designed responsive WordPress themes in every category you can imagine. If you are looking for a unique WordPress theme that is well-designed, I personally like the choices available in Themeforest*. I myself bought countless themes at Themeforest*, and I never regret buying them.

Once you have downloaded your desired theme (in a Zip-format), you can upload your theme in your WordPress. Go to Appearance → Themes → Select Upload theme. After the theme is installed, activate it, and your WordPress theme is ready.

Go to Appearance → Themes
Click upload theme, or simply drag-and-drop the Zip-file
Click the Activate link

Conclusion – 4 Simple Steps on How to Start Your Own Blog

After going through the 4 simple steps on how to start your own blog using four simple steps. You now have a live secured blog and you are capable of changing the appearance of your blog. This is only the beginning of your blogging experience, and you will need to increase your blog content, as well as further customizing your WordPress theme.

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